block heels



Definition: adj. the creation of and appreciation of beauty; particularly in relation to the notion of perceived beauty. The different assets of fashion and style created and emphasized through media; the ability to change one's style to change individual's perceptions of oneself.

  1. black turtlenecks, dancing, pearls, afternoon tea, Upper East Side, tiny sunglasses, silk gloves, little black dress. Synonyms: Elegance is the only beauty that never fades
  2. lip gloss, dirty sneakers, skateboarding, spray paint graffiti, colorful beanies, band tees, beaded bracelets, dark eyeliner, neon lights
  3. golden hour, butterflies, 90's inspired, basic, ripped jeans, vans, mirror selfies, philz coffee, Brandy Melville
  4. Salty hair, tan lines, surfboards, wetsuits, bikinis, cliff-diving, driving down Sunset blvd, blasting Beach Boys, sunburnt cheeks, forgetting sunglasses in the car
  5. photos at dusk, quiet moments, recreating art, flowers, late nite talks, guitar
  6. hot coffee, pastries, flowers, heeled sandals, soft romance, walking along the Seine, silk scarves, history and artwork, palaces, rose gardens