“ hi! If you've somehow found this page, I'm Tilia, a freshman at UCSB...or I guess in a few weeks I won't be anymore, but anyways, here's a little bit about me and my life: I'm obsessed with fashion, I love traveling, I'm kind of good at art and music, and it's my secret dream to become a chef one day ”

the life of a beach bum

Laughing on Santa Monica Pier

who cares if you get messy? who cares if people stare. whether it's singing at the top of your lungs windows down with your best friends in the car, or taking a one-way flight to Europe, live your life knowing that you don't have any regrest.

Pinky Promise

You do you, boo

I grew up SO serious, never smiling, high-strung, always stressing out, never having FUN. I don't know or understand when, and it definitely didn't happen overnight, but somewhere along the way, I changed.

I started treating deadlines as optional and spontaneity and excitement became my motivators


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